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Don't look at me oh god why

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Today’s Inktober sketch! Danny and friends.


yo danny phantom he was just 1


I made a Fenton thermos over the past few days during my free time and I marathoned Gravity Falls while I worked on it :B It didn’t come out as nice as I’d hoped but it’s good enough for now :0




I’ve been really into Circus Gothica Fenton lately…


ok i rly like drawing danny oh no

Sketches of the main trio for the AU. Sam is totes pastel goth.

Also, ignore that big head at the bottom there. Was gonna shoop it out but then Tucker would just mysteriously be missing body parts, soooo…

I’m back with a little colored sketch of Fenton! Yaaaay

I promise I haven’t gone away, I’ve just been a little busy lately!  New art coming soon.

spoopy-flightless Asked:
hi! your poltergeist au looks really interesting!! would you mind explaining it a bit? i'd love to hear more about it! :)

My answer:

Yay! I’m glad there’s some interest in it.  I actually did a basic detail of it here!  I’m not the best writer and it’s just ideas mainly, but if you want to know anything else, just shoot me an ask! :D

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Big ol’ page of poltergeist au Danny sketches. Aww yiss.


i still dig Grimdark!Danny

Some older sketches of Danny from my main blog which I will not be linking here…

I clearly don’t draw happy Danny very often?

I’ve never been one to draw Vlad, but I’m trying now so I can work out his design for my AU;;;

my love for control freaks danny is eternal