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Don't look at me oh god why

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Danny stop being a butt and accept your sister’s love.

Have I mentioned how much I like drawing with crappy art supplies?  Heck yeah crayola!

Whoops been a while.

Here’s Danny’s poltergeist form showing off.  What a jerk.


I’m fourteen, I don’t care. #DannyPhantom


I thought you all should know that I’m a die-hard Danny Phantom fan and I never draw him but I should. 

Sheesh, I have sketches to post but I’ve had no time to do it!  Soooon.

I am super pleased that the Danny Phantom phandom became a pretty nice place to be again.  As a person who’s been in the phandom since the start, there was a long stint where things were pretty hairy.

I prefer this so much more.

nother doodle. 

Danny is so displeased.

Aiite I’m at work, bored, and interested in World Building.  Anyone wanna send me asks about the Poltergeist AU?

ghoooooooost king daaaannnnyy

Another “whoops i was gonna do Phanniemay but I suck”


( ఠൠఠ ) drink some weed killer 



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I really like doodling using the crappy crayola art supplies we have around at work.  This was supposed to be for Phanniemay, but I got lazy and only finished like 2 prompts, ahahah.

So it seems like a few people are interested in my AU?  I shall post details. Be forewarned, this is gonna get lengthy.


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all those posts sayin imagine if ghosts secretly watched netflix with you

Anonymous Asked:
danny, 7 (for the color thing)

My answer:


sorry anon please forgive me i know these arent the colors you asked for >m<

i was getting kind of tired of the supersaturated ones with small value ranges, and that particular one was making my eyes hurt… i might do a few of the ones i have left to draw from this set instead TwT

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