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I promise I haven’t gone away, I’ve just been a little busy lately!  New art coming soon.

flightless-13 Asked:
hi! your poltergeist au looks really interesting!! would you mind explaining it a bit? i'd love to hear more about it! :)

My answer:

Yay! I’m glad there’s some interest in it.  I actually did a basic detail of it here!  I’m not the best writer and it’s just ideas mainly, but if you want to know anything else, just shoot me an ask! :D

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Big ol’ page of poltergeist au Danny sketches. Aww yiss.


i still dig Grimdark!Danny

Some older sketches of Danny from my main blog which I will not be linking here…

I clearly don’t draw happy Danny very often?

I’ve never been one to draw Vlad, but I’m trying now so I can work out his design for my AU;;;

my love for control freaks danny is eternal

Just Phantom being smug.

Danny stop being a butt and accept your sister’s love.

Have I mentioned how much I like drawing with crappy art supplies?  Heck yeah crayola!

Whoops been a while.

Here’s Danny’s poltergeist form showing off.  What a jerk.


I’m fourteen, I don’t care. #DannyPhantom


I thought you all should know that I’m a die-hard Danny Phantom fan and I never draw him but I should. 

Sheesh, I have sketches to post but I’ve had no time to do it!  Soooon.

I am super pleased that the Danny Phantom phandom became a pretty nice place to be again.  As a person who’s been in the phandom since the start, there was a long stint where things were pretty hairy.

I prefer this so much more.

nother doodle. 

Danny is so displeased.